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Welcome to the Kevin Pressley experience.......

Experience (ik sper'e ens) n. -something personally lived through or encountered.

OBJECTIVE: To get the image in my heart transferred into a photograph for all of you to see.

Hello to all of you!!!!!!!

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to view my models.

THESE ARE ALL 1/87 SCALE TRUCKS! (HO SCALE) I chose to build in 1/87 due to the amount of parts and accessories available in this scale. As you view these pictures, You'll notice none of them are the same. Each and every truck has an uniqueness about it that gives it its' own appeal. My personal goal is to have one of every truck produced from the late 40's to the trucks you see today.

Sit back, relax and enjoy....

Any comments you have are welcomed!

Again, Thank you and take care........


What i try to capture?

These pictures are taken outside. They all are taken in realistic backgrounds with no graphics or photoshop involved. The goal is to capture a truck in it's natural surroundings. For an example: You wouldn't find a cattle truck at a construction site. Where would you most likely see it? On a farm somewhere near an open field with cattle and stacks of hay around. However, It can get a little tricky! You also have to make sure the color/type/year of that truck matches the surroundings. For an example: You wouldn't find a 1955 Peterbilt "Bubblenose" near an oil refinery. You would bring out the best of it in a remote area near snow capped mountains on a rural highway. This is the concept used to produce the pictures you see. Enjoy....

How did i get started?

As a child, I was exposed to a Kenworth K100 cabover. During this time, I remember riding with my stepfather during runs trying to get a glimpse over the dashboard to see what i could see. Small as i was, All i remember seeing was the top of other trucks going in the opposite direction. Since i couldn't see much from the seat, I would jump down on the floor of the cab and look out the small window at the bottom of the passenger side door. The sight of cows grazing in open fields,scenery changes and the sound of the gears changing while the motor hummed in that KW K-100 inspired the birth of trucks within me. As i got older, those memories never went away. In my pre-teen years, I can remember my friends and I playing with our collection of trucks in the school sandbox. Building truck stops, towns, roads etc. As time went on, The collection got bigger only to give them all away to a girls' younger brother i was trying to impress. lol...  After giving them away, I tried my luck with model trains. For some strange reason the trucks kept calling me. Within the last 10 years i decided to get back into it. Not only collecting them, but building them myself. As you continue to view these models,you will get a chance to see what i saw growing up.    Enjoy.......

(These models are here for your enjoyment. They are not for sale. Any use of these pictures without my permission is prohibited!)

Please feel free to e-mail me...... truckcollector@comcast.net

2005 Volvo VNL 780

This orange mist 2005 Volvo "Hockey Stick" VNL  pulls a pneumatic bulk trailer. The picture was taken in a real bulk railyard in Atlanta, Georgia.

1957 Mack H-61 cabover

This 1957 Mack "Cherrypicker" H-61 cabover is pulling a bulldozer on a lowboy. The picture was taken on a real construction site in Atlanta, Georgia.

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